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Instructor(Tech) Computer & HOD

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Education has always been visualized as one of the most efficient vehicles for economic emancipation, social mobility and political stability. Being educated means having greater access to certain levels of employment, salary, responsibility, prestige and social capital. Education, whether formal, non-formal or informal, is the central pillar for a decent work. Unfortunately, past impression would tell us that education has attended mainly to the formal education sector along general subject areas.

There has been much preference for intellectual activities over manual work, white collar over blue collar jobs and academic education over training for work. With the emerging issues of globalization, advancement in technology, mobility of workforce etc. however, the situation was drastically changed bringing vocational and technical education to the forefront. If education is the key to development, technical education is the master key that opens the door to the world of work and the economy, alleviate poverty, save the environment and improve the quality of life .”The Twenty-first century presents a radically different economy and society, which is likely to have profound implications on Technical Education .

The Technical Education in this region is faced with numerous features, and must adapt to these features which include Globalization, ICT revolution, Economic restructuring, Emergence of knowledge society and Rapid knowledge obsolescence. Globalization generates new demands, structures and systems requiring totally new skills or re-oriented skills and knowledge that could make society fit, competitive and responsive. It may be noted that technological trends are sweeping across the world. Continuous changes and technological advancements are happening. The major shift in technology is dominated by the move from narrow band to broad band, local to global and finally integrated technology. In these sense Cumilla Polytechnic Institute makes a website for all people to gather knowledge. In Cumilla, it is the first educational institute which open a website . I hope this website can help to make Digital Bangladesh .
All the students , Guardians and Teachers in home and abroad can get any information about Cumilla Polytechnic Institute and its academic functions . Also people can get any information about modern technology . I thanks all the teachers & students in computer department to make this wonderful website and also hope it can services nicely . Thanks for all and welcome to visit our website .


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