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    It’s my pleasure to inform you about Non-tech department. At first I welcome and wants to give thanks all of my favorite viewers. Non-Tech Department treated as related subjects department. Except technical subjects, students have to study Bengali, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Social science, Economies, Management, Accounting and Entrepreneurship which are taught by Non-Tech Department. This department plays an important role to build up the generation as a technical skilled persons. It helps the students to face the challenges of 4th industrial revolution.

      We live in the modern era. As a technical institution we must keep pace with the modern science. I am really delighted by knowing that, we are going to connect ourselves with the digitalization process. We are going to create a enrich web-site on our Cumilla Polytechnic Institute. Now anyone can get information about Cumilla Polytechnic Institute in details through this web-site. Really, it’s a matter of great pleasure for me. Now we can present our activities and performance through the web-site. In this way we will be able to qualify ourselves for new era. Finally, I would like to give thanks to our honorable Director General of Technical Education for taking this new steps and also thanks to our dynamic Principal Mohammad Rehan uddin for taking this challenging task.

    I wish every success of Cumilla Polytechnic Institute.

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